Friday, April 06, 2012

Buzz Cut

Mid-March Peter gave Desmond a buzz cut that matches his own. Now everyone in the family has been shaved at one point or another except Charlotte.

I thought Desmond might be disturbed at having all his hair cut off. Definitely not so. The first thing he did was to run his hand over his head. His eyes lit up as he squealed, "My head feels just like Daddy's!" Then he raced over to Peter to rub heads together. The rest of the evening we'd find him in front of the mirror mumuring with approval, "Oh yeah, I like my buzz cut." He was so concerned that bathtime would "wash away his good looking hair cut."

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Charlotte's first tooth broke through at four months! Desmond was an earlier teether, so I shouldn't be surprised. Its arrival coincided with a cold, so who knows how much of her fussiness is due to teething versus being sick.

I guess I can't let my guard down and doze off during those nighttime feedings anymore.

This one really has nothing to do with teething. I just love the look on Desmond's face.

Monday, April 02, 2012


These first months, my mom's visits have been invaluable. It's been difficult to transition to two children mostly because Desmond has fully embraced being three years old. It's been all out war at times; him constantly testing boundaries while we try to be consistent and firm despite our exhaustion. It's a fine line between shaping a child's will without breaking his spirit. Desmond has such a beautiful spirit. We've learned he has a much stronger will than we realized.

So when my mom comes, it has been nice to have ample attention to give each child and extra energy to invest in consistently disciplining Desmond. Consistency has never really been my strong point. If I survive parenthood, hopefully I will have grown in that area.