Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Ultimate Weekends

Our fall Ultimate Frisbee season ended this weekend with our team finishings 3rd out of 17 teams. Each spring and fall for two months Peter and I sound like broken records when people ask about our weekend plans. "We've got a Frisbee game."

There are few things we enjoy doing together more than playing Ultimate. So we've kept playing since Des was born; he accompanies us to most games. While it's stressful at times to bring him with us, I like the fact that it's a family event and that we all spend several hours outside together. It is tremendously helpful that our teammates are kind and generous in helping us watch Desmond while we play.

I don't usually take photos at the games because it's too difficult to watch two precious items at once - Des and the camera. But we got a sitter for one day of our tournament last weekend, so I was able to snap a few shots.
Aw yeah, my man has some moves.

And he can play D too.

I like the runners' legs.

Frisbee love.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween 2010

We drove back from the beach on Halloween. While I had a hand-me-down ninja/karate costume on stand-by, I wasn't sure we'd trick-or-treat after just arriving home. But at the 11th hour we changed our minds and decided to take Des out.

In a span of 30 minutes, we went from unpacking the car to hyping up being a ninja, practicing "Trick or treat please," and doing "the moves" as Des calls them (ninja moves, that is). The world must be so fun and strange to toddlers.

Practicing "the moves."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beach Week

At the end of October we spent almost a week with Grandpa and Gran at the Outer Banks near Cape Hatteras. It was Peter's dream vacation - laid back and restful. I enjoyed hanging out with family (Aunt Meg and Ryan came too) and seeing Desmond enjoy the beach. I also learned that 30 minutes of running barefoot in the sand is like 1 hour of running + lower body weight lifting. Amazing.

There wasn't a part of the beach Desmond didn't like. The sand, lighthouses, crabs, kites, family to adore him, a wagon - the list goes on and on. A day hasn't gone by that he hasn't either asked to go back or talked about seeing Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

Katharine putting on a brave front in the face of an angry ghost crab.

Aunt Meg helps Des reflect.

The boys "cheesing" it up for the camera.

Celebrating Gran's birthday.

I've now learned that Desmond truly loves playing in sand. Sand play is so darn good (but sooo messy!) for kids, I guess I'll break down and indulge it more.