Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feeding Fun

We had an exciting weekend. My mom, Judy, visited for the weekend. We cooked a ton of meals to freeze. She also let Peter and I go out while she watched Des for a few hours. Even though I missed the little guy by the end of the evening, it was great to have an adult-only outing to celebrate Sonia J's birthday!. Historically Peter and I don't do "dates" very well. People insist that we need to make sure to have adult-time now that we have a kid. We're trying to figure out what that looks like for us. This was a good start.

Des also took his a bottle from Peter. I thought he might balk since he hasn't had a bottle since the hospital, but he was very compliant. Peter enjoyed getting to participate in the feeding fun.

On top of all that excitement I also went jogging for the first time in several months. Jogging is probably a generous was more like a slow lope. Still, it provided enough endorphins to be in a goofy-happy haze for several hours!


Mike and Katie said...

You can come have adult time with us! Any time you want :) Desmond is also welcome at adult time, he'll just have to behave himself ;)

Lisa Law said...

We don't go out very much either, but I do find that "adult time" is becoming more and more essential now that Kathryn talks so much! I'm glad you two got out on a date...and congrats on the jogging too!