Sunday, January 24, 2010

But I STILL love technology. Always and forever.

What goes on in that little head?

When I was little my grandparents would record messages or read books on cassette tapes and mail them to me. My sister and I would send them tapes back. Back then it was a modern twist on the pen-pal concept.

Fast-forward a few decades to the world of Skype. Desmond loves to Skype. He knows most of the sounds and makes sad noises when he hears someone go offline. He's learning family members' names from Skyping with them. He knows which people show him the clocks in their house, which read books to him online, etc. He can tell when a conversation is ending and sometimes pre-empts us with is own "bye-bye."

Maybe Skyping is like the telephone was to me as a kid, except with a moving picture. I don't know how he makes sense of all the things he sees on the computer, but he's definitely integrating it into his understanding of the universe.


Al and Lyndsie said...

I love that picture of Desomond, adorable!

Lisa said...

Wow, Katharine, wow. Really, a Napoleon Dynamite quote? From YOU?

It's great that Desmond is able to interact with family, even so far away. It's pretty amazing, when you really think about it.