Monday, June 30, 2008


I am an alien. Or at least I feel like one. It is terribly strange to sit at your desk and watch/feel your stomach morph into different shapes.

Did you ever see the movie Alien? I don't know how I conned my folks into letting me watch it when I was a kid. It terrified me and gave grown-up" movies a bad wrap in my mind for several years. (Maybe that was mom and dad's plan all along.) I don't remember much else, other than the scene where a woman is wrapped in goo and one of the aliens hatches inside her body and breaks through.

With all the weird ways in which this baby moves around inside of me, I feel like that lady.

I hear that Weeks 24-28 of pregnancy are when the baby feels the most active. He is small enough to wiggle around, but big enough for me to feel it. Give him a couple more weeks and he'll get lodged into more stationary positions.

Until then, I'll continue to block that scene from the movie out of my mind. :-)

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Mike and Lisa Law said...

What a good way of describing the strangeness! I still remember how shocked I was when #1 was born and I saw that she was a real person. Of course I expected an actual baby, but still, the movements are so bizarre that it's hard to imagine a person in there! This time around, things aren't too much different, except that I have a toddler around to freak out when she sees my belly move. =)