Thursday, September 20, 2012


Raising children is terrifying. They are so needy. And there never seems to be enough energy, wisdom or patience in me to meet those needs.   Sometimes I wonder who let us do this!?!?

Terrified, but still having fun.
To cope with these feelings, I try to do things like walk in nature and take more deep breaths during the day.  I remind myself that parenting is about the cumulative effect, not a specific instance. I try to focus on my children's lovely smiles and enjoy an extra snuggle.  I remember my own parents' successes and shortcomings and see that I turned out OK.  (Whatever "turned out OK" means!)  And I wake up and start another day.


Kate said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I can't wait to hang out and get to talk with you again? 'Cause I can't wait.

I feel this way too ... and I'm not even there yet. :-/

Katharine said...

I feel the same way Kate. Keep making your way back to the East Coast!!