Monday, August 04, 2008

Biding Our Time

I haven't written in a while because there's not much to report on. It's not that we haven't been doing things. I just have a lot of half-formed reflections and thoughts that aren't ready to make it onto the blog yet.

To keep ourselves busy we've been doing final baby research on stuff like cribs, cloth diapers, etc. Sometimes it amuses me how hard we're working to make informed decisions about baby products. I wonder how many opinions we'll revise once we have even a mere two days of experience under our belts.

Peter has been working hard on the basement. With me recovering from my cold and being very tired lately, he's been on his own pretty much. He's put up practically all the drywall (just two tiny and tricky pieces left) and about 90% of the ceiling is in place. We'll start looking into carpet soon. Hopefully Peter won't have to frame the doors and put up the baseboards before we get the carpet installed.

Between the basement and baby preparation, we are finding pockets of time to go out for a movie, grab a milkshake, toss the frisbee a bit, etc. Life is good.

Only six more weeks to go!

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Erin said...

On cloth diapers - We used Bum Genius All in Ones from 2-6 mos. I liked them and didn't think it was too hard. We stopped using cloth when he outgrew those, though, because it coincided with the start of solid food, which makes the whole process much more complicated (having to scrape poop as opposed to just washing). Also, we are in the middle of the worse drought in NC history, so I had mixed feelings about using so much water (about 9 extra loads per week). Still, I'm glad I did it, and I keep thinking about starting again.

On cribs - I really wanted a Pottery Barn Kids crib, but felt like it was unjustified to spend so much more than we needed to just because it was beautiful. My mom found the model I wanted on Craigslist, though, and I am so, so happy that I have a beautiful nursery and spent 1/5th the price.