Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just one more day

After a week long technology hiatus, I'm mass communicating again! Thankfully Peter has been in much better shape than I have to keep everyone posted on the events of the past week. Despite the challenges of having Desmond spend time in the NICU, it has still been one of the coolest experiences of my life.

The exciting news is that Desmond is now out of the NICU and staying in the regular nursery at the hospital. The doctors want him to finish his antibiotics treatment and then will let him come home Monday evening!

In some ways, I feel like we've had parent-training wheels on during the past week. At first Desmond was closely monitored in the NICU, where nurses did everything for him at first. Then slowly let us change a diaper or give him a bottle here or there. Now that Desmond is in the regular nursery, we are allowed to do everything for him. I'm sure it will sound crazy to me later, but that was a welcome change for us. It feels like we have at least some limited control over his care. Then tomorrow, off come the training wheels and we're on our own!

As for me, I'm recovering really well. It's been a bit overwhelming leaving the hospital and going home, but our family is taking really good care of Peter and me. I won't go into many details about my C-section here, but if you want to know the details just ask me. I will say that I forgot to breathe a few times on the operating table, which gave the nurses a bit of a scare. The slightly morbid side of me found the whole surgery process pretty fascinating.

Thanks for all the supportive emails and phone calls you've sent us. When I was still in the hospital, Peter would read the emails out loud to me each night. It is incredibly comforting and encouraging to have so many people rejoice with us over Desmond's birth.

Hmmmm... As I write this, Peter is holding Desmond and we have just heard his first audible fart. I never thought a fart would sound cute. :-)


Neeriemer said...

You're looking way too pretty to have just had a baby! I'm so glad Desmond is almost ready to head home!

ilene said...

K and P!!!
congrats on baby Desmond! I've been reading Peter's emails and this blog and following all the exciting events of last week. i'm so thrilled for you both! Desmond could not have 2 more loving parents!!! i cant wait to meet the little guy! i bet you area excited to have him finally home tonight.

i love u both!

many hugs and prayers,

Eric & Katie said...

What a relief to have both of you doing so well. Katie gave us the update at the retreat, and we are so grateful for God's goodness. Can't wait to see you all!

Lisa Law said...

Everyone looks great! And it's great to hear your voice again on the blog, Katharine (no offense, Peter...I was glad for your updates!). I'm happy to hear Desmond should make it home tonight!

Caryn Troche said...

Peter and Katharine,
We'll be praying for you as you bring Desmond home tonight. You guys have our utmost respect going through what you have. We are so happy that he is well. God is kind!! We look forward to meeting Desmond!! He looks like a cutie, but with parents like you guys, I'm not surprised :)

Steph and Pete said...

He is so adorable!! I don't know what will be cuter his first fart or first laugh. Kiss Desmond for us!!