Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Crawling, the Pool and More

Desmond has been changing a lot recently. It's keeping me on my toes! A couple of weeks ago he started crawling. It's been rewarding to watch him exert his new-found independence. It helps us get a better feel for his personality.

We're about to embark on several weeks of travel. We'll be visiting family and friends in Asheville, the Outer Banks with Katie K., Sanford for the Bailes family reunion, and south Florida for Peter's high school reunion and more family. I'm super excited!

Desmond loves the pool. He didn't even cry when we dunked him for the first time.

"Hear me roar!"

Practicing standing.

"Show me where East Timor is again..."

Helping Dad fix the ceiling fan light.

Learning how to shovel and drop into the mouth.


LKBrazil said...

I can't wait to crawl around on the floor with him :-)!

Lyndsie said...

I don't know how, but that picture of him leaning over the crib rail looks just like YOU Katharine! Seriously. I usually see Peters eyelashes went I look at Desmond, but that is totally your exuberant smile! :) How cute!

Mike and Katie said...

I love, love, LOVE seeing these pictures! Miss you guys so very much. Let us know when you get back in town so we can catch up!