Sunday, February 14, 2010


Apparently we have a real Romeo on our hands. I'm not sure where he gets it from; Peter and I aren't really what anyone would call romantic. Maybe it's from his grandfather.

Isn't this the face of a little Romeo?

Yesterday we went to a Valentine pancake breakfast for families with young kids. It was the first time Desmond and I had left the neighborhood in over a week because of the snow. We were both super-excited. Peter even got up early so we could all go together. As Peter and I ate our pancakes, a cute little girl about Desmond's age wandered up to our table and stared at us for a bit. Des insisted on getting off my lap to see her. He got down, waved to her, then leaned forward and said, "Kiss! Kiss!" He leaned in and kissed her! He proceeded to follow her around for a minute or two, trying to smooch her every time she stopped. He's never been that excited to kiss Peter or me.

I guess romance is in the air. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Libby said...

Very cute! N. doesn't give out random kisses, but he will get as close to someone's face as possible (male, female, stranger, he doesn't care!) while putting on a big open-mouthed grin when he wants them to notice him. He's also started trying to give our cat "Eskimo kisses" recently, which she doesn't necessarily appreciate.